Data Collection, Reporting & Analysis Platform

Real-Time Data for Real-Time Decisions, helping people and organizations become more data-driven!

Harness the power of Data, Empower your team to make informed, data-driven, real time, decisions based on Collected and analyzed Real Time Data. Measure success towards Goals and Easily Create Reports

Data Collection & Validation

  • Online & Offline Data Collection
  • Mobile Forms, Turn your forms and spreadsheets into powerful forums, Workflows and surveys
  • Multiple Entry points, Web, Mobile, App, Social, Text, etc ..
  • Automatic Validation
  • Built In Workflows

Data Management

  • Data Categorizing and Tagging
  • Geo and Type Tagging
  • Power Analytics:

Other Features

  • Data visualization
  • Maps: Visualize and edit geotagged data on maps
  • Integration: into existing systems using our API.
  • Multi Language Support
  • User management: Add users and organize them into groups, with hierarchies and user levels to manage data access rights.
Global Reach! Real-Time Data for Real-Time Decision making.

Souktel provided end-to-end Data Collection and Analysis solutions for projects in multiple sectors including Agriculture, Education and Employment for USAID and UN other donors working in multiple countries throughout the Middle East & Africa including Djibouti, Rwanda, DRC, Senegal, Iraq, Tunisia and Egypt.

Advanced Enterprise-Grade Features
Activity, Beneficiary, Customer Tracking
CRM and Case Management.
Personalized Dashboards.
Multi-Language and Diverse team support.
Handle Unstructured Data and Complex Forms.
Offline Data Collection in Remote Areas.
Use Review Flows and Validation to Improve Data Quality and Integrity.
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