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Upload your CV, connect your social media Profile or send your skills via SMS, Whatsapp, Viber Message.
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Connect talent with opportunities with recruiters across the world
Cutting-edge digital solution
Stop wasting time and resources on  traditional recruitment agencies, Souktel Talent Matching platform allows recruiters to hire and manage talent and job seekers from anywhere in the world through an online platform. Our Intelligent algorithms built by our team of engineers and data scientists makes it easy to match recruiters with the best talent in no time.
How it works
  • Become a member and add your skills via the channel of your choice
  • Upload a CV, use your Social Media Profile, Chat with our Chatbot, over SMS, Whatsapp, viber of FB.
  • Get job recommendations based on our Intelligent matching algorithms
  • Apply for the opportunities you would like to pursue.
  • Get Hired (YAAY)

Our service is discreet, personalised and keeps you updated to the latest opportunities


Hiring talent can be costly and time-consuming. We help you save time and money!

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