Souktel Seeks Literacy and Prosperity in Malawi

When a student opens a book, she opens a world of opportunity. 

With more than 20 percent of Malawi’s population between 15 and 24 years old, the country’s young people have the potential to transform its economic growth and development—if they can read.

Malawi’s 1994 educational reforms expanded access to education by introducing free primary education. These reforms, however, overloaded Malawi’s education system. Newly-crowded classes made it difficult for students to learn effectively and students soon fell behind in many areas, especially literacy.

Higher literacy rates correlate with lower infant mortality rates, improved gender equality and higher incomes. Improved literacy rates create a ripple effect of hope and opportunity for communities around the globe.

Souktel is partnering with Abt Associates to ensure that every student in Malawi reaps the benefits of literacy.

“We know investing in students helps builds resilient and prosperous communities,” said Souktel CEO Dave Harden. “Souktel is leveraging the collective knowledge of Souktel and Abt Associates to expand literacy education and unlock the keys to prosperity for Malawi’s young people.”

Souktel’s and Abt Associates’ work focuses on helping Malawi’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) build its capacity to measure students’ progress acquiring reading skills and to spur public interest in improved literacy education. Souktel’s partnership with Abt Associates is a continuation of Souktel’s previous work with UNICEF helping MoEST digitize its data collection tools.

With a population of young people equipped to read, hope and opportunity will extend far beyond Malawi’s young people to impact Malawians for generations to come.    

About Souktel

Souktel is a leading technology services firm that seeks to build on its experts’ track record of success in the public sector to provide high-impact technology solutions to clients across the public, private and humanitarian sectors.

About Abt Associates
Abt Associates is an engine for social impact, dedicated to moving people from vulnerability to security.  Harnessing the power of data and our experts’ insights, we provide research, consulting and technical services globally in the areas of health, environmental and social policy, technology and international development.