Souktel Women Lead the Way in Developing Technologies for Frontier Markets

Souktel Women Lead the Way in Developing Technologies for Frontier Markets

The evidence is clear: empowering women makes countries safer, economies stronger and communities healthier. This International Women’s Day, Souktel is excited to share the stories of some of the leaders of our Ramallah team.

Souktel relies on a team of incredible women to develop technological solutions for clients in the public and private spheres. The women in Souktel’s Ramallah office are the core of the team driving social change.

“Souktel is committed to promoting gender equality around the globe,” Souktel CEO Dave Harden said. “On this International Women’s Day, we are proud of the work we’ve done to empower women and we will continue to prioritize providing women with the technological tools to build strong, resilient communities.”

Sharehan Jamal, a quality assurance (QA) engineer, began her work at Souktel in March 2018. Shareha has been passionate about technology since she was young. She believes women are very important in technology because technology allows women to “leave their creative footprint and contribute to solving many problems.”

Maya Zaghrout is a finance manager in Ramallah, Palestine. Maya says she is passionate about one thing: math. She enjoys doing what she loves and “the way math works into the physical world.” Maya believes it is important to engage women in tech and development “in order to be an essential element in their personal growth and development.” Technology, Maya says, “helps them acquire new skills that ultimately produce a more competitive business environment at a full capacity.”

“The women of the Ramallah team embody Souktel’s mission to provide the latest technology to clients across the globe,” Senior Project Manager Luna Aroury said. “These women are clear-eyed about their vision to leverage technology as a tool for empowerment of women across the globe.”

Souktel puts our commitment to women’s equality into practice by supporting women-centered projects around the globe. These projects to expanding Palestinian women’s access to mobile phones with Nissaa FM, supporting Facebook’s and Yahoo!’s Tech Camp for Women, and providing technology solutions to the American Refugee Council’s campaign to expand domestic violence-reporting channels in South Sudan.

Souktel is proud to support the pursuit of global gender equality by providing women the tools to lift up their communities.