Corporate Strategist Sara Agarwal Joins Souktel to Consult on Global Business Strategy

Corporate Strategist Sara Agarwal Joins Souktel to Consult on Global Business Strategy

WASHINGTON—Corporate Strategist Sara Agarwal is joining the Souktel team to consult on global business strategy.

“Sara brings a truly unique set of skills and experience to our team,” Souktel CEO Dave Harden said. “She is a veteran of development, technology and business, and her vision will help shepherd Souktel’s next phase of growth around the globe.”

Sara Agarwal brings more than 20 years of experience working at the cross section of international business and the social sector. For more than eight years, Sara worked for Hewlett Packard and Microsoft, where she promoted business development in the public sector of frontier markets. Sara spent more than six years at the African Development Bank and the North American Development Bank, where she was responsible for infrastructure investment and finance in the social sector in Latin America, Africa and low-income areas of the United States. Sara holds a Master of Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Sara brings the knowledge and experience to leverage Souktel’s successes in public service and expand into the commercial sphere of frontier markets. Her global expertise and mindset will help Souktel provide top-shelf technology solutions for the most complex problems facing consumers around the globe.  

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