Development and Policy Veteran, USAID Alumnus Joins Souktel

Development and Policy Veteran, USAID Alumnus Joins Souktel

WASHINGTON—Michael Carroll, a veteran of development and public policy, joins Souktel’s growing team of experts providing high-impact tech solutions to frontier markets as interim Chief Financial Officer.

Michael Carroll is veteran compliance, finance and development leader with more than three decades of experience providing working on the front lines of U.S. foreign policy. Michael has extensive experience in development and humanitarian assistance programs in frontier markets and post-conflict societies and a wealth of high-level contacts with international development and finance agencies.

“Michael’s expertise and vision will augment Souktel’s expansion into the commercial space," Souktel CEO Dave Harden said. “Michael is clear-eyed about Souktel’s vision to seize opportunities in frontier markets across the globe.”

Michael brings a distinguished record of public service to the Souktel team. Michael served as Acting Inspector General at USAID and Director of Operations at the U.S. Information Agency, where he focused primarily on activities in the former Soviet Union and the Middle East.

“I’m very excited to join the leadership team at Souktel,” said Carroll. “This is a great opportunity to grow the company not only in its traditional markets, but to expand its product line and move into frontier markets.”

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