Georgetown McDonough MBA Students Consulting For Souktel

Through the Global Business Experience (GBE) international program at the University of Georgetown McDonough School of Business, 26 students MBA students traveled to Tel Aviv and Ramallah on September 8-10th. The students shadowed companies to experience the burgeoning entrepreneurship culture in both cities. Among the 26 students, 4 students consulted Souktel.


The Souktel team had the honor to work with four special MBA students from Georgetown University; Margaret Boatner, Jayme Cloninger, Jeff Flis, and Kristen Pyke. The MBA’s assisted in critical market research and strategy to inform Souktel’s B2B product innovation process.

Souktel contributed to the students’ project-based learning experience by offering them an insider look into the company and a hands-on opportunity to shape company policy. Their hard work and dynamic and valuable insights will continue to accentuate the development of the corporation. The students worked alongside Sara Agarwal, Business Development Consultant, to evaluate global markets on a by-product, by-competition, and by-feature basis. The students contributed valuable insights into key opportunities for partnerships and gaps in the market. They researched macro trends in the global frontier technology market and helped to position Souktel to be successful.

As cited in a recent McDonough press release on the experience, Kristen Pyke said: “Most of us are somehow linked to nonprofit and development industries, and therefore we were excited to use our past professional experience to help Souktel while also being stretched in new ways.” Their subject matter expertise and top-knotch academic academic training positioned for learning and for impact.

The project duration was from March to July 2019. In four months, these students have succeeded in developing research based on Souktel’s experience. What’s really interesting is that apart from the practical application of learning the mechanics behind technology platforms, the students learned the art of holding ambiguity and clarity in tension, a skill that is required when working in a startup environment. Whether they go on to start their own business one day or innovate within their company, this skill will help them tremendously moving forward.

These skills emphasize the importance of project-based learning and the benefit of merging the information and ideologies that students already carry with the needs and demands on business companies in real life. In turn, students develop new skills, which will benefit their careers in the business world.

Kristen also mentioned that the given the political situation in the region, their project helped the students explore and understand Souktel in a geopolitical context. Between Tel Aviv and Ramallah the MBAs embraced a complex environment with grace and humanity. The GBE model of educational exchange proved important as a tool to foster growth and mutual understanding between people through business.

Souktel itself is a product of a global world. We are fortunate to have participated in such an experience where both Souktel and its host MBA students were able to learn and grow together. Our COO, Joyce Morin Utz is a GBE board member and GU alumna and has partnered with Professor Ricardo Ernst for the past two years mentoring GBE students. Souktel will continue this partnership in the year ahead.